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Web, Mobile Applications | UI & UX | Digital Marketing | IT Consultance

“Primarily, this is what we do. Relationship building is our forte. Analysis is our modus operandi.”
Right solution is what we strive to offer to our clientele.


Kolkata | Delhi | Dehradun

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(+91) 86301 80711​

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Our Story

it all began here...

The logical and tangible solution provider… the journey

the first steps

“rs. 5000 & an old Celeron. Took off!Oh! A 6/8 month stint at HCL Infinity, was in the cards :)”

Sounds really old huh! Resigned! 
4 friends, roommates rather started Alena Web. Bagged Mr. Gopal Bhagnani’s (Yes. Director Vasu Bhagnani’s younger brother), Socks manufacturing website. Day in and Day out in the 2nd & final year of college. 

Decided to walk on our own after graduation. I Started SM Solutions in 2004. Started filing return in 2006.

2021. Yes guys! We are very much on and growing.

evolving & adapting

“honesty, relationship, and commitment… we embraced these as our work ethics.”

We provide IT solutions on a macro and micro level. More significantly, we develop not just applications but instruments to develop branding & online business, innovative internet advertising, content management solutions, micro sites, prominently all that is required to build your online communication effective & result oriented. Regardless of the size of the job, we give each customer the personal attention needed to establish or reestablish a professional and effective Internet presence.

& miles to go

“and miles to go before I sleep. As Robert Frost said in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

Solution design is our Forte.

Our 6 Step Process Points



The art of requirement gathering. Analysis & Research. Brainstorm, debate, argue, finally reach up to a logical and practical understanding.



Design the solution conceptually and on good old pen & paper & finally on digital tools.
Defined finally!



The real and practical design comes now. Time to put the wire frames, the working ones, in place. The UI / UX to be more specific are here now.



The nerds are at work now. PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, MySQLs, RDBMs concepts are on the top of everything here. Messing stops and the communication starts. Front-end to Back-end and vice versa.



Deployment on the live server after the required client approvals, debugs, testing rounds. On our tows to meet that dreaded deadlines. But wait, we are already ahead. Ahem! Ahem! No worries. 



Deliver! Delivered! Done!
Looking into future expansion and prospects. 
Here we also talk about our balance payments 🙂
Time to count!

Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. Get to know your team below.

Amit K Saha

Just The Manager
Nothing Much/PR/Operations/BD
fails as Jack of all Trades

Deepak Verma

aka Gandalf
Rest... talks too much

Dr. Satasurya

Business Development
Can be a real pain at times

Pankaj Singh

Business Development
Can be a pain at times

Abhishek K Agarwal

Consultant/Mentor/Very boring
Rest... talks too much

Mr. Bean

Waiting For Him
Go to person
Master of all

Soumen Majhi

Full Stack Developer
Laravel/CI/CakePhp/PHP Custom

Subhashish Kundu

The Android Guy - Native 🙂

Java/Android Studio/Retrofit/Volley
XML/Android UI

Janardan Purkait

UI/UX - De'Z'iner


Ashutosh Shukla

Digital Architech

Ayanesh Sarkar

PHP Developer
Laravel/CI/PHP Custom/
React JS/HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/WordPress

Subha Bannerjee

Senior Digital Architect

Some Numbers

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Satisfied Clients
100 +
Projects Completed
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Accolades Earned
1 K+
Lines of Code